Three Question Thursday – Thomas Ballentyne

by Elmer Boutin on April 5, 2012

Thomas Ballentyne, Head ShotI first met Thomas Ballentyne last year at PubCon in Austin. More than just a web marketing guy, he’s rather more of a renaissance man who takes great photos and creates very funny web marketing-themed t-shirts in addition to being an expert in local SEO. As an added bonus: You have to respect a man who knows how to wrangle scorpions with his bare hands!

What are you working on right now?

Building a pest control network. I feel that by building relationships online and offline with other pest control companies that as a whole, we have the potential to drive traffic, users, and consumers to everybody in the network. The concept really isn’t that novel. But the ability to take a proven method of networking offline into the online world will be awesome. It is more like an small farming community. One that is based on sharing tools and equipment with neighbors and making sure everyone is fed, rather than compete and stomp one another out.

Update: Just after I published this, Thomas tweeted to let me know his pest control network is about to reach 100 members.

What is the one thing you wish you could tell the world about marketing on the web?

Marketing on the web is based on the same sound principles that all good marketing should incorporate. The web is simply the new mode of communicating. Communication is essential for marketing. If you sell the best pie in the world and nobody knows about it, then you won’t sell much pie. Communication helps you market that pie. Although, people may not truly appreciate the power of this online communication. A word of warning: Internet is ink. What’s communicated online leaves a near permanent mark. Therefore, if you wouldn’t do it offline then don’t do it online.

Sorry, that’s not really just one thing is it …

To sum it up, marketing on the web is a powerful tool, wield it with care.

What’s on your “trends” radar for the next 12-24 months we should be paying attention to?

I see schema and rich snippets playing a huge role in the near future. It may not be a direct ranking factor but it may increase CTR’s and therefore directly impact other ranking factors.

Thanks, Thomas, for sharing with us. I especially appreciate his comment, “… marketing on the web is a powerful tool, wield it with care.” This is something which has the potential to get away even from the best of us.

You can learn more about Thomas and what he’s up to …

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Thomas Ballantyne April 5, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Thanks again for the interview. I really thought that I would be a small contributor in a larger post. Had no idea that you’d give a pest control guy a whole page. =)


Elmer Boutin April 5, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Thanks for stopping by, Thomas. I very much appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.


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