A New Chapter

It’s been just a little over 4 years since I joined Rockfish and moved to Austin, Texas. To say that it’s been an adventure would be an understatement! During this time I’ve gotten to work with several great clients, refine my search optimization skills and bring them to a new level, and help start and lead a brand new online reputation management practice. I am very, very grateful to all the wonderful people at Rockfish with whom I’ve had the privilege to work over the past few years.

Rockfish LogoI realize that this sounds like I’m leaving Rockfish. In a way I am, but not really. I have accepted an opportunity to be assigned to our WPP sister company GTB. While I will still be a “Rockfisher,” I will be working with GTB in their Dearborn, Michigan, office as Director, Organic Search (SEO). This is another tremendous opportunity for me, not only professionally but personally, too.

GTB Logo

As many readers of The Crossing know, I am originally from the Detroit area. If you go look at my Google+ profile, you can see a picture of me standing on a mountainside in Germany wearing a WRIF t-shirt; WRIF being the radio station I listened to in my youth. Even though I’ve lived in Texas most of my life now, in my heart I’ve always been a Michigander. I still follow the Tigers, root for the Red Wings and cheer for Michigan and Michigan State. Having the opportunity to move back to my home town is fantastic.

So, as I pack up my home in Austin and get ready for this new chapter, I look forward to reconnecting with family and old friends, make new friends, and take on new challenges.


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