Dejte Pozor!

by Elmer Boutin on December 21, 2010

The Czech phrase Dejte Pozor means “pay attention.”

I hope you’ll indulge my public service announcement today.

The aftermath of a car versus motorcycle accidentI was involved in a fender-bender during my drive to work yesterday. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except that I was hit from behind by another car while riding my motorcycle.

I was exiting off one highway onto another. As I made my way around the turn I noted a car coming rather quickly on the road I was about to enter. I knew there was someone behind me, so I pulled over close to the curb as I stopped to let the cross traffic go by. I was thinking that would give the other driver room to go around me. Unfortunately, he was hugging the curb too. He thought I had gone through onto the road, so he kept going as he was looking for cross traffic.

Thankfully he merely “bumped” me. However, since I was on a motorcycle, that bump knocked the bike and, consequently, me over onto the pavement.

I wearing a helmet (as I always do) and a bright, yellow reflective vest (the kind you can see from the moon if you shine a light on it). He saw me, knew I was there, but didn’t allow enough space to react when I stopped. It was his fault, he admitted it. The police officer who responded issued him a ticket because of it.

He was very apologetic. I think he was more scared than I was.

The point is: it never should have happened.

I tweeted this a couple times yesterday and posted same on my Facebook wall – Drivers: Watch out for motorcycles!

I’m very sore today, but happy I didn’t get more than a few bumps and bruises. I know others who were not so fortunate when in a “Car versus Motorcycle” accident. My story could have been a whole lot worse.

Please, pay attention and look out for motorcycles.

Ironically, it appears the car took the worst of the damage. Plastic bumpers versus aluminum fenders seems to have worked out in my favor. I’ll know more after I take the bike to the shop for a closer inspection.

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