The Saturday Summary – 12/3/2011

by Elmer Boutin on December 3, 2011

Here are the stories which got my attention during the week of November 28 through November 3, 2011 cover such topics as web marketing, SEO, leadership, sales, email marketing, social media and more:






Saturday Bonus

  • On Marketing Pilgrim, Joe Hall describes the difference between “Pep Talk” marketing and building a strong, long-term business based on great user experiences. Check out today’s Cup of Joe: Pep! Pep! Pep! Pep Talk?
  • Brett Tabke shared this link about the surprise purchase of Austin-based Gowalla by Facebook. This could be a very interesting combination. Read about it in this CNN Money piece by Laurie Segall: Facebook buys Gowalla

Trivia Note: Every time some talks about Al Franken, I remember the hilarious bit he did on “Saturday Night Live” where he paraded out all his big-ticket items and declared they were now tax deductible because he worked in TV and he used them in the show so they qualified as business expenses. I can just see him now, “See this iPad? I wrote a letter in my official capacity as a U.S. Senator. It’s now tax deductible.” I wish I could find a video of that skit on YouTube.

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