The Saturday Summary – 3/24/2012

by Elmer Boutin on March 24, 2012

Another week and another round of great web marketing information coming in. Here are the articles which caught my eye during the week of March 16-23, 2012 covering such topics as reputation management, SEO, SEM, social media, analytics/analysis and much more …


  • Bryan Person shared this post by Augie Ray on Experience: The Blog: Your Brand and Employees’ Repugnant Hobbies: On Delta Air Lines and Dead Polar Bears. This brings up a very interesting point of debate: Should companies limit the legal hobby activities of their employees? I have to agree with Augie in that whether we find this employee’s hunting hobby acceptable or not, we shouldn’t judge the entire organization by this one employee’s off duty and legal activities. Let’s turn this around: Would you want your employer to judge your suitability to be part of the team based on what you did in your off time – provided it was legal? What limits should there be?
  • On Search Engine Journal, Ryan Jones shares his opinion about what the Google “over-SEO penalty” which was mentioned by Matt Cutts at the recent SXSW panel: Google’s Over SEO Optimization Penalty.
  • Speaking of that panel, while Ryan provided a link to the audio of that session, Rob Snell provided a very nice transcript of the session: 2012 SXSW Transcript w/Matt Cutts, Duane Forrester & Danny Sullivan.


  • On the SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog, Phil Sharp shows some interesting Google Site Links results based on location. It’s something you should keep in the back of your mind in case you run into a similar situation: How Sitelinks Are Quietly Costing You Conversions
  • On Marketing Pilgrim, Frank Reed shares a video by Google’s Maile Ohye which covers some basic SEO steps. Frank rightly points out that other, more experienced SEOs know that what’s covered in this video may not be enough to get a site ranked in Google’s SERPs. Check out the discussion: Google Points Out 5 Common SEO Mistakes



  • On the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, Scott Brinker shares some analysis as to why marketing software lags behind software in other disciplines: Why marketing software will never be like ERP. It’s a little long, but well worth reading through.


  • In the past I wrote about employees who don’t like their company’s products. Today Jeannie Walters shared an interesting article about employees (and their leaders) who treat their customers with contempt. Check out Leaders, THE Threat to Superior Customer Experience by Kate Nasser
  • Seth Godin has some great thoughts about being in a rut versus coming around to new ways of thinking: Extending the narrative
  • There’s been a lot of talk about “big data” and how businesses can use it. Data is very good, but know how to interpret the data and put it into a form which can help people make better, more informed decisions is even better. Check out Information is free. Knowledge is not. by Ian Lurie on the Conversation Marketing Blog.
  • From the “What’s In A Name” Department comes this piece by Scott Brinker on his Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: What do you call a marketing technologist? I agree – the name isn’t important as the fact that more and more companies are starting to see the need for this role in their organizations.

SES New York Coverage: The folks at aimClear did a great job covering sessions at Search Engine Strategies in New York this week. Check them out if your interested in the happenings there.

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