The Saturday Summary – 5/19/2012

by Elmer Boutin on May 19, 2012

This week had some big news with the Facebook IPO and Google’s Knowledge Graph announcement. Here are some items which got my attention during the week of May 14-18, 2012 covering SEO, social media, customer service, and more …




  • One of the two big stories in search today was the well-publicized decision by GM to stop running ads on Facebook. Ford announced they will continue to use ads on that platform. Marty Wentraub says Thanks GM, That Leaves More Facebook Ads Impressions For Me on the aimClear blog.
  • Saving time on analytics reports is a good thing. Eric Siu shares 7 Time-Saving Google Analytics Custom Reports on Search Engine Watch
  • The second big story in search today was Google’s introduction of the Knowledge Graph. Instead of focusing on keywords, they are centering around knowledge streams. This is the first step for them “moving from being an information engine to a knowledge engine.” It’s rather interesting:


  • I write about customer service from time to time, so stories about good service are of interest to me. Cynthia Boris shares a story about Dish Network offering a great service to their customer … but the networks are not very happy about it. This is an interesting story worth watching: Dish Network Risks Biting the Hands That Feed Them
  • 2012 is almost half over. On Search Engine Journal, Scott Cowley reflects on some of the changes in SEO which have already come about this year: SEO in 2012: The Best of Times or the Worst of Times?


  • Rounding out the week with a little fun, Marty Weintraub share a blatant link-buying pitch he received on the aimClear blog: LMAO Link Buying: aimClear Just For Fun Friday! (cc @MattCutts). This reminds me of the people cold-calling for SEO services telling me I’m not ranking on search engines for keywords – and when I ask which keywords they think I should be ranking for they hang up. Folks should do better research on the blog before pitching something like this <grin />.
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