The Saturday Summary – Thanksgiving 2012 Edition

by Elmer Boutin on November 24, 2012

For us in the U.S. this was a holiday week – but that didn’t stop things from happening in and around the world of online. Here are the articles. posts and videos which caught my attention during the week of November 29-23, 2012 covering such topics as social media, marketing technology, SEO, online reputation management, and more …


  • In a social media faux pas marking the rounds today, Oprah announced on Twitter she is a fan of the new Microsoft Touch tablets and will be giving some away as gifts this year. Only, the tweet was sent from an iPad. Alex Wilhelm has the info on The Next Web: Oprah’s attempt to promote the Microsoft Surface backfires: iPad used to send tweet.
  • Eric D. Brown has some interesting thoughts around a video he recently saw about Marketing Technologists. While I agree that it’s important for marketing and IT to work together for the betterment of their organizations as a whole, I don’t think the marketing technology trend is merely a fad. It could look that way if the power grabbing Eric describes happens, and there isn’t true cooperation between groups within any organization. Read, and see what you think: A Marketing Technology Office…The next fad?



  • My Rockfish colleague, Melyssa St. Michael shared her debut post on the SEOmoz Daily SEO blog today, sharing tips on how to plan a blogger campaign: The Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Launching Your First Blogger Community
  • There was a lot of chatter over the image of the young lady ignoring the sign requesting respect and quiet at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Erin Jones offers her opinion on the Trackur Blog: Arlington Cemetery Photo – Cause for Outrage? This is certainly an online reputation issue, but it’s also a question of freedom of expression. I offered my opinion in the comments. What do you think?
  • On Search Engine Watch, Simon Heseltine offers 4 In-House SEO Myths, 2 Solutions. I’ve been talking and writing about this stuff for years, and it looks like things haven’t changed much.
  • Speaking of my in-house SEO opinions: One thing I often recommend marketers do is start their own website so they can learn more of the nuts and bolts of how they work. Matt Cutts answers a question about what he learns from running his own website. Hey – if a Google engineer can learn stuff from running a website, I’ll be you can, too!


  • Very slow in the news department, today. I hope you enjoyed your day as I did.


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