The Saturday Summary – 7/18/2015

There was a lot going on in the search world this past week, especially from Google. Here are some of the news items that caught my eye during the week of July 13-17, 2015 including a bonus item regarding online reputation management …

There was a lot of news going around in the search world this past week, especially from Google. Here are some of the news items that caught my eye during the week of July 13-17, 2015 including a bonus item regarding online reputation management …

The Saturday Summary


I’ve been advising clients to optimize content for “Natural Language Search” for several years now. It was pretty easy to see that Google, at least, was going that way. Now, with people talking to their phones and asking questions, it makes sense to look to answer those questions your customers might ask. Bill Slawski share some information about a recent patent awarded to Google that helps us understand how “question queries” can be answered. Check it out on SEO by the Sea: How Google May Answer Questions In Queries With Rich Content Results


Mobile advertising spend is growing at a phenomenal rate. It might grow even faster if advertisers can easily see that their spend is bringing a return. Google and Facebook are using advances in mapping technology to better pinpoint where a user is located, thus allowing advertisers to target their ads more effectively. While this could be a boon to ad sellers, there are some concerns over privacy. Check out this very interesting Reuters article by Yasmeen Abutaleb on Yahoo News: As tech firms track your location, advertisers zero in for the sale

Citing concerns around spam, Google shut down public editing of Map Maker back in May. The search giant has been working on a fix and plans to reopen editing in August. Barry Schwartz has the details on Search Engine Roundtable: Google Map Maker Reopening In August; Powered By The Community


Now, why would Google need to hire an SEO Manager? You might think that’s a bit odd, but if you get down to it, there are good reasons. Google has a lot of content out there, some of which may not be seen by those who need it. Optimizing their own content to show up in search makes a lot of sense. Yes, this is for real, and Barry Schwartz shares the details on Search Engine Land: Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google

Google is looking to make it easier to purchase online on your mobile device by adding “Buy Now” buttons to products from selected retailers that appear in search results. This has been in test mode for several months, and is now rolling out to the public at large – on Android Google apps at first, and later on iOS. They are also showing inventory stats at nearby retailers along with price information. Check it out in this Reuters story on Yahoo News: Google unveils ‘buy’ button, host of new shopping features


For you Google watchers who are looking for a Panda refresh, it didn’t happen this past week according to Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable: No, Google Did Not Refresh Panda Yesterday


Nothing could be more frightening than to go into Google Search Console and find that the number of your web pages Google has indexed mysteriously and suddenly dropped. Many website owners found this had happened this past week. Thankfully, though, it was just a bug that Google is working to fix. Get the whole story from Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land: Google Sitemaps Report Bug May Show Huge Decline In Indexed Pages


From the “This Is Not The Way To Respond To Customers” department comes another example of a business that did not react well to a customer service incident. Was the customer impatient? Maybe she was. Was the business person who left the phone message out of line? Absolutely. And, the hits just keep coming in the comments on YouTube.

It’s easy to get riled up about customer behavior sometimes. It’s true that we all have bad days. In the end though, we need to remember that:

  1. Every interaction with every customer is a branding opportunity. That can be for good or for bad – it’s up to you.
  2. Nothing can be considered “offline” or private anymore. Any communication with anyone has the potential to end up online.


Warning: NSFW!

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