The Saturday Summary – 7/23/2011

There was still a lot of Google+ buzz going on this week, mostly centered around how it might be useful for businesses once it is opened up to them. I’m still hanging onto the “wait and see” for the time being. I do enjoy the functionality, but I don’t yet see it being the Facebook-killer it’s touted as.

Here are some informative articles which caught my eye this week:


  • I see many pitches by SEO companies every week. Most of them purport to know that my web sites aren’t showing up in Google’s search results as high as they should. Of course, none of them show that they know what key phrases we’re trying to rank for. Ian Lurie on Conversation Marketing sees this, too, and gives those companies some much-needed advice in How to: Write a decent SEO recommendation
  • Bob Tripathi has some excellent In-House SEO Team Building advice in his piece Is IT in Your In-House SEO Circle? on the Search Engine Watch blog
  • If you’re using WordPress for you blog, you will certainly want to check out Michael David’s advice in Supercharging WordPress for Search Engine Performance on the PubCon Speakers blog
  • Avinash Kaushik started a great discussion on Google+ about web analytics. He believes that the debate over tools is a waste of time because most companies don’t do anything with the data they do collect, if they collect it.

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