The Saturday Summary – 2/4/2012

by Elmer Boutin on February 4, 2012

Here’s a rundown of articles which caught my attention during the week of January 30 though February 3, 2012 covering topics such as SEO, Online Reputation Management, blogging, security, social media, mobile web, marketing technology and more …





  • As marketing technology (and the Marketing Technologist) becomes more developed, it’s natural to start hearing about more IT-like concepts coming forward. Scott Brinker shares one such example on his Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: Marketing as an object-oriented program?
  • On the Unmarketing Blog, Scott Stratten shares a Bud commercial made for Superbowl viewers in Canada: How Budweiser Just Won The Superbowl and the Internet. It struck a chord with me as a fan of hockey. There is some great debate in the comments, too.


  • Another item shared on the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, Scott Brinker links to a quick interview he did with Bertil Snel about the rise of the Marketing Technologist: 3-minute interview: why marketing technologists now
  • From the “Reputation Management Nightmare” Department I offer this piece shared by Giovanni GallucciOur Horror Story with Continental PetSafe by Richard. This is already being compared to the “United Breaks Guitars” story, except that it involved a dog. I suspect we’ll be seeing more on this story as time goes on.
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