The Saturday Summary – 4/7/2012

by Elmer Boutin on April 7, 2012

There was a lot happening this week for me, but that didn’t mean the rest of the web marketing world slowed down. Here are some articles which I found particularly interesting during the week of April 2-6, 2012 covering topics such as data analysis, SEO, site design, social media, leadership and more …




  • Joost de Valk has an interesting post about ethics in SEO on his Yoast site: The ethics of SEO


  • Dr. Pete answers the all-important SEO question: What’s more important, on-page or off-page SEO. Of course, the answer is, “It depends.” Check out why on the SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog: What’s Better – On-page SEO or Link-building?
  • Another eternal web marketing question: Should we automate social media or not? Lisa Buyer takes a stab at answering this one on Search Engine Watch: Twitter Automation vs. Personalization
  • I dislike huge rotating banners and hero images so popular on web sites these days. If they were smaller and served a purpose they would be great. I also wonder if Google will start penalizing sites having these which push too much content below the fold ala the “too many ads” thing – unless Google considers them content. Tim Ash takes a look at these on ClickZ: Rotating Banners? Just Say No!


  • Great leadership is essential to the success of any team. On Search Engine Watch, Bob Tripthani shares 10 SEO Leadership Qualities. These leadership qualities extend beyond SEO, too.
  • Andy Beal shared this piece from The Next Web by Jorg Ruis which describes how someone from Eastern Europe got into their site and created some juicy links for SEO. It worked for a while, too: We got hacked for SEO, as did other major technology sites
  • Scott Brinker shares a summary of Experian’s 2012 Digital Marketer Trend and Benchmark Report. In it is a great inforgraphic showing the relationships between data, integration, intelligence and interaction. Check it out on the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: The marketing technology ecosystem wheel
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